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NZ has an excellent reputation worldwide for a number of reasons, and in several different aspects. 



Tourists and visitors from around the world come to NZ for its world famous beaches, mountains, lakes and scenic beauty. The clean green image, as well as the ample tourist attractions and adventure sports make NZ an excellent choice for a variety of tourists. 

New Zealand life
Quality of Life

NZ has ranked highly on a number of indices for quality of life and liveability. Auckland is in the top 10 in the EIU Liveability Ranking, as well as in the top 5 in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. NZ has excellent infrastructure, education, working conditions, healthcare and many other living factors. This makes NZ a highly desirable and sought after destination for those choosing to make a positive change. 

Study in New Zealand


NZ’s tertiary institutions are considered some of the best in specific areas of study. Popular choices for international students include hospitality, business management, English language courses, creative industries, sciences and environmental studies. NZ is on the cutting edge in many fields of study, with excellent research opportunities. 

Road to New Zealand
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